Handle with care

Handle with care

To properly care for wooden cutlery handles and ensure their longevity, follow these steps:

  1. Hand wash: Always hand wash wooden cutlery handles with warm, soapy water immediately after use. Avoid soaking them for extended periods or washing them in the dishwasher, as excessive moisture can cause the wood to warp or crack.

  2. Dry thoroughly: After washing, towel dry the wooden handles immediately to remove any excess moisture. Standing water can lead to staining or damage, so ensure they are completely dry before storing.

  3. Oil regularly: To maintain the natural luster and resilience of the wood, apply a food-grade mineral oil or beeswax finish to the handles every few months. This helps to prevent the wood from drying out and cracking, while also enhancing its natural beauty.

  4. Avoid extreme temperatures: Keep wooden cutlery handles away from direct heat sources, such as stovetops or ovens, as exposure to high temperatures can cause the wood to warp or split. Additionally, avoid storing them in excessively humid environments, as this can also lead to damage.

  5. Store properly: Store wooden cutlery handles in a dry, well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight. Consider using a utensil holder or drawer organizer to keep them organized and protected when not in use.

By following these care tips, you can ensure that your wooden cutlery handles remain beautiful and functional for years to come.

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